The Company provides proprietary software toolsets to cybersecurtiy companies that service small and medium sized businesses. Our products are used to reinforce employee cybersecurity awareness training. The products can be integrated with current training or used on a standalone basis for targeted cyber awareness follow-up circumstances.   

Small and medium sized organizations face unique cybersecurity challenges due to limited IT resources. Since Help Desk ValetSM and FaultLineSM ICM are sold by subscription, there are not upfront capital expenditure or IT workforce dilution. 

Help Desk ValetSM supports cybersecurity awareness by generating custom cyber Micro Messages each time the app is used. It will be used because it helps both employees and help desk technicians resolve computer and connection service tickets more quickly. 

Our goal is to provide support tools and information to small and medium sized businesses and their employees to help make employees frontline defenders 24/7/365 against cyber bad actors.




FaultLine ICM

Help Desk Valet