Sometimes the name says its all. We are a valet to small and medium sized businesses helping technicians resolve employee's computer and connection problems. Less hassle! Less cost!

On one screen, Help Desk ValetSM prepares computer users to quickly answer help desk technicians questions to launch a problem ticket. This One Click replaces several clicks to provide the technician with the necessary ticket information. Even more important, its hassle free because employees avoid that dreaded request to type "cmd and go to ..... page". 

Each time the app is used, custom cyber awareness Micro Messages display. They are friendly reminders of past cyber training to keep employees informed about the important role they play as frontline cyber defenders. These messages are gentle "nudges" reminding employees to not shortcut security policies because they slow you down. 

Everyone wants to be cybersecurity compliant, but sometimes we forget to disconnect. Security industry experts agree staying WiFi connected while connecting to Ethernet or other wired connections should not be done. With     Help Desk ValetSM employee's computers are automtically protected against dual connections.

Our app typicall installs in under 5 minutes. You have a 30-day evaluation period with no credit/debit card to get started. The app is available by annual and monthly subscription. You can checkout the prices by clicking pricing on the top menu bar.

This app is compatible with 64-bit desktop, laptop and tablet computers that use Windows 10.