FaultLineSM ICM is a Beta product. It installs with the Help Desk ValetSM subscriptions.
Using timers for WiFi and Bluetooth triggers the cybersecurity Micro Messages similar to Help Desk ValetSM. The new timer settings provide end-users with the flexibility to manage their daily computer connections both conveniently and safely. When end users are operating on a tight deadline they can use the manual timers to disable the internet for a specific time period or until a time later in the day to re-enable. This reduces ping distractions while continuing to use their computers. The auto timers provide end-users with a convenient way to automatically set WiFi and Bluetooth to disable overnight. In all cases, end users are just "one click away" from re-enabling their connections. 

In addition to the timer flexibility, the Prevent Dual Links feature assures end-users will always be in compliance when shifting from WiFi connection to wired connections. Most organization policies prohibit maintaining both WiFi and wired connections at the same time for security reasons. This feature protects end-users from forgetting to disconnect their WiFi resulting in being out of compliance by accident.
FaultLineSM is designed to accompany other cybersecurity training platforms without diluting IT resources. It can be a part of any one of the four training phases - Launch; Re-boot; Expansion; and Remediation. 
This product is not available for sale because it is in Beta. Upon release from Beta it will be available by both monthly and annual subscription. 
This app is compatible with 64-bit desktop, laptop and tablet computers that use Windows 10.